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Friday, May 7, 2010

Aklan Piña and Fiber Festival, Provincial and Regional Agri-Industrial Fair

some of the pics i took in the week-long Piña and Fiber Festival and Provincial and Regional Agri-Industrial Fair, April 21-27, 2010, Capitol Grounds, Kalibo, Aklan, in line with the celebration of the province of Aklan's 54th anniversary.

each of the 17 municipalities of Aklan were provided a booth wherein they can display their One Town One Product (OTOP), indigenous crafts, and other merchandise.

Aklan is world-renowned for its piña fiber products and creations.

With its intricate details and meticulous workmanship, this wooden water jug and goblets is really an item of interest.

Tayok-tayok crafts.
Tayok-tayok is a kind of reed or grass that grows plentifully in wetlands and marshes of Libacao, Aklan.

Tamilok, anyone?
tamilok is a worm that is not exactly a worm. although it looks like one, it is actually a mangrove-boring mollusk. they say that it tastes much like oysters. this one is from Bakhawan Eco-Park, Kalibo, Aklan.

a chandelier made of shells.

a Precious Moments doll from Sampaguita Gardens representing the Ati people- an ethnic group and the original settlers in Aklan.

a demo for cooking large tilapia or pla-pla.

a lettuce planted in vermicompost.
the municipality of Numancia recently won the national award for Best OTOP Implementer in the 2010 National One Town One Product Congress because of their vermicomposting projects.

a clay mask from Lezo, the smallest of the 17 towns of Aklan. Lezo is known for its pottery and other clayworks.

a mangrove charcoal briquette from Bakhawan Eco-Park.
they say that this type of fuel burns more effectively and lasts longer, suitable for home and restaurant business use.

the province of Guimaras is famous for producing the sweetest mangoes in the world. their mangoes are reportedly served at the White House and Buckingham Palace.

diwal or angel wing clams from Capiz, the seafood capital of the Philippines.

nothing is wasted. Fish bones from Estancia, Iloilo.
this is served fried to perfect crunchiness and is sure to be rich in calcium.

'bandi'. this peanut brittle with sesame seeds is from the province of Antique.
in my hometown, Coron, Palawan, we also have our own 'bandi' which is made of cashew nuts instead of peanut.

all natural organic wine from Negros Occidental. no chemical preservatives, no artificial flavor, and no alcohol added. made from bignay or currant tree, pineapple, and duhat or black plum or Java plum.

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